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UK DAILY MAIL: How stars like Jen have embraced Middle Eastern necklace

The lucky charm that the A-listers can't do without £270 hamsa necklace worn by Heidi Klum, Madonna and Rhianna Gwyneth Paltrow advertises pendant on her lifestyle website Hand-shaped amulet is believed to banish evil spirits By LAURA COX FOR THE DAILY MAIL As if they are not blessed with enough good fortune, some of the world’s biggest stars have decided they need a Middle Eastern charm to bring them luck. Actresses, singers and socialites have begun wearing bracelets and necklaces adorned with the ‘hamsa’ symbol, which is said to ward off bad spirits. Silhouette: Jennifer Aniston stepped out wearing an outline...

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What Is Kabbalah? What is a Red Kabbalah Bracelet?

   The literal translation of ‘Kabbalah’ is ‘to receive’ relating to the interpretation of ancient teachings about how the universe works and what we can do to add fulfillment in our lives.  Associated commonly today with the Jewish faith, the power of the Kabbalah centers on its claimed ability to offer protection from the evil eye, according to the teachings, which is a power that can harm your ability to reach fulfillment. Many people reach a point in their lives where they feel that they are not fulfilled. Ironically, the harder that they try to become fulfilled in their life, the...

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