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What Is Kabbalah? What is a Red Kabbalah Bracelet?


The literal translation of ‘Kabbalah’ is ‘to receive’ relating to the interpretation of ancient teachings about how the universe works and what we can do to add fulfillment in our lives.  Associated commonly today with the Jewish faith, the power of the Kabbalah centers on its claimed ability to offer protection from the evil eye, according to the teachings, which is a power that can harm your ability to reach fulfillment. Many people reach a point in their lives where they feel that they are not fulfilled. Ironically, the harder that they try to become fulfilled in their life, the harder it is to achieve. Kabbalah aims to teach us about long-lasting fulfillment for all aspects of our lives.  From luck to career goals, relationships to health.  The ancient mysticism that Kabbalah is said to be based on is a set of spiritual principles that are claimed to have been relayed to humanity five thousand years ago during a moment of divine revelation. 

What is a Red Kabbalah Bracelet?

The Kabbalah comes from the sacred document referred to as the Zohar. The teachings say that some people have an ‘evil eye’ and they are filled with envy and jealousy. Our eyes are often referred to as the window to the soul and can transmit tremendous amounts of energy. When the evil eye views upon you, they are sending negative energy towards you. Their 'curse' on you can prevent you from reaching fulfillment in life.

This is where an evil eye bracelet or Kabbalah bracelet offer you protection. The Kabbalah bracelet provides you with a protective shield that protects from negative energy and allows you to reach fulfillment without hindrance.

In addition, you should make a promise that you will not talk negatively of others, as this will prevent you receiving the full effect of your quest for fulfillment. Kabbalah promotes natural healing and helps protect you from harm and disease. You can be spared misfortune and poverty and enjoy achieving life’s goals by wearing a Kabbalah bracelet.

A Kabbalah bracelet blends meaning, tradition and beauty. 


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